Deep hydration and mineralization skin treatment

This ritual has been created to contribute to the nourishment that our skin needs. Skin is our largest outer organ and it is constantly exposed to a huge amount of daily aggressions, and so we must pamper and take care of it to keep it healthy.

This experience starts with a sea salt peeling which will give your skin a great deal of minerals and trace elements that are relevant to its nutrition.

Afterwards, your skin will be wrapped with sea mud with antioxidant properties. Its pleasant aroma and soft texture will help you wind down and will give you the harmony your skin needs.

After a relaxing shower, you will be given a full body massage with custom essential oils chosen depending on your own skin needs, and it will help you activate the blood flow of your legs, relax your spine, your torso, and will contribute to a correct functioning of your muscles and internal organs.


PRICE: 70€