Facial Rituals

Facial massage ritual- Ayurvedic massage

Cleaning and nutrition of facial tissues. Scalp stimulation.

Ayurvedic face, neck and head massage.
This complete massage enhances the nutrition and cleansing of facial tissues. Maintaining a good tone and elasticity in all layers of the skin. The objectives of this massage are: to stimulate blood circulation, provide oxygen to the face, reduce muscle tension, restore smoothness and luminosity to the skin, detoxify and give a more youthful appearance.
Head massage will help us reduce stress and strengthen hair. For this part of the treatment we will use black cumin oil (Nigella sativa) it contains, among other things, palmitic acid whose emollient properties will help soften the hair, it also contains thymoquinone, a powerful antihistamine, these are usually recommended for the treatment of hair loss since it will help its growth and keep it soft, shiny and hydrated. This oil can also help us treat dandruff.

The list of benefits of this massage is long:
. calm the mind
. Indicated for tension in jaws
. Eliminate facial stress
. Improves energy circulation in the neck and improves head-body connection
. rejuvenates
. Improves blood circulation and nourishes the skin
. Strengthens and beautifies hair
. Relieves physical tension in the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face
. Relieves eye strain

In short, this treatment balances, oxygenates and eliminates muscle tension from your face. Reduce stress and strengthen your hair.


PRICE: €70

Eye Contour Ritual

Your gaze reflects who you are, your mood, your joy, your concerns. This treatment is designed for you to express your beauty through your eyes.

It is a treatment that works both bags, dark circles and wrinkles. We will work the entire face to focus especially on your eyes, according to your needs we will apply different techniques to recover a youthful look.

The combination of different algae such as undaria and corallina, among others, helps reduce the coloration of dark circles, reduces the volume of bags and helps increase resistance to external aggressions. Dulse algae (palmaria kills) reduces inflammation and activates microcirculation.


PRICE: 65€


Is a treatment designed to prevent aging, tone and provide greater elasticity to your skin.

We will start with a delicate chamomile-based cleansing, a gentle peeling of micronized red vine combined with neroli floral water. Once your skin is prepared, we will apply a synergy of vegetable oils according to the needs of your skin and from here the magic that Gua Sha provides begins; It is a carved stone that conforms to the shape of the face and neck, it will help us improve circulation, drain and release tension. By activating circulation with this method we will be helping to activate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, improving skin quality, texture, elasticity and luminosity.

We will finish with a white clay mask enriched with red vine to close the ritual with an extra antioxidant.


PRICE: 65€

Face-lift acupuncture Ritual

Face-lift with Acupuncture

The ritual has been created for fade face wrinkles, gain brightness and elasticity of facial skin. It’s based on facial acupuncture technique which comes from traditional Chinese medicine. The stimulation of acupuncture points improves facial circulation and boosts collagen and elastin production, filling wrinkles and provides skin with firmness.

It’s a revolutionary restorative treatment, 100% secure and cruelty free. It represents a real alternative to the botulinum toxin, collagen injections and plastic surgery.

Not only acupuncture is used but also Kobido manoeuvres (Japanese face-lift) and facial maderotherapy. Like in all our rituals, high quality essential oils are used, and chosen by our therapist in a personalized way according to the client’s needs.


PRICE: 90€

Facial Pins Ritual

Preventive treatment

Is a ritual designed to promote cell renewal and thus return the brightness that our face has lost.

After a delicate cleaning process we will apply apricot oil and we will perform a reaffirming massage based on the Ki-Sacu technique, a type of massage using small cotton pindas filled with aromatic plants, cereals, and essential oils, whose ingredients will be customized according to the needs of your skin.

The treatment is completed with a white clay mask. In addition to helping us eliminate impurities from the skin and prevent the appearance of acne and pimples, white clay mask has a tensor effect that provides softness. This ritual will rejuvenate you face complexion, eliminate toxins, brighten the outer layers of skin, and give vitality to your face, relaxing the nervous system and eliminating facial tension.


PRICE: 65€ 

Antiaging + Hydration Ritual

Anti-aging facial treatment

Is a ritual thought to give your face its lost tone and softness.

This ritual starts with a delicate cleansing of chamomile, lavender, and sea water. A volcanic lava peeling will eliminate impurities, as well calm, purify, and tight your skin.

Thanks to the synergic action of trace elements like natural silicon, zinc, and magnesium we will get to restructure your skin from within. Through a massage based in the Kobido technique of Japanese lifting the blood flow is activated, oxygenating the skin so it can naturally generate collagen and elastin. In your face massage we will be using ecological grape seed, wheat germ, rose, and lavender oils. These oils have regenerating and hydrating properties, and together they act as powerful antioxidants.

This treatment is completed with the action of rose clay: a mask that offers a great purifying, revitalising, and softening effect, as it depurates the deepest layers of our skin, stimulating blood flow and muscle oxygenation.


PRICE: 70€


Facial cleansing ritual

Facial Hygiene

Facial cleansing treatment will cleanse your face and will give your facial skin the vitality that got lost due to stress and external agents. This ritual starts with a delicate cleansing centred on chamomile, which will calm your skin. Then, we will apply a facial peeling consisting of vegetal enzymes of papaya and pineapple, so it can eliminate dead skin cells. A facial tonic with sea water, chamomile, and lavender will help you calm down and nourish your face after exfoliation. It will eliminate blackheads and impurities of your face through extraction. Later, you will be given a massage with a mixture of personalised vegetable and essential oils depending on your skin needs.

The massage will activate your blood flow helping thus to oxygenate and tone your face, as well as fixating the active principles of your oil choice. Finally, a clay mask will supply your skin with minerals, and it will decongestion and purify the deepest layers of your dermis, and it will stimulate tissue regeneration.

As we finish your face will have gained back its brightness and it will show a much healthier look.


PRICE: 70€



Restorative treatment

Has been created to restore vitality to the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin or for those skins that have lost their vigor, phenomena that is caused by stress or the action of contaminating agents.

A gentle cleanse based on sea water, chamomile, and roses will remove impurities from the face. Next, a seaweed peeling will supply your skin with the minerals and vitamins it needs to achieve optimal wellness.

During this ritual we use trace elements such as natural silicon and magnesium to regenerate your face. Natural silicone helps in skin repair, stimulating collagen and elastin, and magnesium will boost your rejuvenation.

Moreover, this treatment is completed with a circulatory massage which together with the regenerative action of rose, incense and myrrh essential oils will provide your skin with the softness and luminosity it lost. You can get healthier, stronges and softer skin with the power of minerals.

All products being used during the massage are prepared at the right moment with natural, ecological ingredients and are 100% free from animal exploitation.



PRICE: 65€