Facial detox / Drainage

Facial detox / Drainage

We know that stress, worries, lack of sleep and accumulated fatigue contribute to cellular wear and tear that is reflected in our skin, in our expression. With this facial therapy we will be able to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate our skin. From the first session the skin will look smoother, renewed, with a more uniform tone. Lymphatic drainage will also help achieve a relaxing effect, calming the mind and calming anxiety and stress from day to day.

Now, what is lymphatic drainage, it is a manual technique with slow, very soft movements, in the direction of the lymph, thus eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the tissues. Lymph helps drain excess water and waste from the body, such as toxins, dead blood cells, and pathogens. It also transports white blood cells throughout the body, improving our immune system.

In just forty minutes you can improve your appearance, detoxify your skin and regain vitality.


PRICE: €40