Enzymatic Peeling Ritual + Hydration

Enzymatic Peeling + Hydration

Our skin has a natural renewal process, as the years go by this process slows down. In a young skin the renewal takes about thirty days, in a mature skin the time that the skin needs is longer; stress, diet and lack of water are factors that do not help optimal renewal, resulting in dull and devitalized skin, in some cases dry and rough.

It is for this reason that as our skin matures it needs extra help to carry out optimal cell renewal. Thus improving the appearance of our skin, providing luminosity and smoothness. It will also help us avoid the action of free radicals, stopping premature aging of the skin. This peeling composed of enzymes from papaya and pineapple, takes advantage of the polyphenols that are responsible for breaking the existing unions between dead skin cells. With this action, our skin will be free of pores and will take on a healthier appearance.

The enzymatic peeling is gentle and respectful of the skin, it works well for all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate.

Once our skin is clean, it is ready to absorb the active ingredients and hydration of the serum or synergy of specific oils for your skin with great efficiency.


PRICE: €35