Makeup Rituals

Mineral makeup is growing in popularity nowadays as its composition is completely natural. The main difference between conventional makeup and mineral make up is that the latter has neither irritating substances like fragrances, synthetic tinctures, preservative, talcum powder, nor oils. This lack of chemical substances means that the risk of allergic or negative reactions in the skin is significantly reduced.

Substances like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that are contained in this type of makeup have anti-inflammatory effect, which are great for those suffering from acne or rosacea.

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Custom auto-makeup workshop

This workshop is aimed for those people who do not know how to make up themselves and want to learn how to do it. We will teach you how to prepare the tools and elements of make up and we will show which type of makeup suits you best depending on your face features and your style.

We will need an hour and a half to teach the customer how the use of makeup. Bits of colour for special occasions.

* All the makeup used in the workshop comes from vegan and mineral sources.

PRICE: 80 €

Vegan Brides (Test included)

Are you getting married? Enjoy your day and shine! You just have to worry about the dress and the shoes, we will take care of the makeup!

PRICE: 100 €

Night makeup

Whenever you are going out at night, makeup must be different from the one you use during the day. Night makeup is riskier, but without losing its natural look or elegance.

It includes: powder, shades, eyeliner, blush, mascara.

PRICE: 40€

Day makeup

Day makeup must be natural in order to highlight our features and our natural beauty, just enough to hide our small flaws./p>

It’s a discrete makeup aimed to be used when going to work or dealing with daily arrangements./p>

It includes: powder, corrector, shadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara.

PRICE: 25 €

A touch of color

Have you got very little time to makeup or you don’t know how to proceed but you like to see and feel pretty? That’s your option!

It includes: Powder, blush, lip gloss, and mascara.

PRICE: 15€