Massage Rituals

Thai fusion

The fusion of different oriental techniques in a single massage. The objective of this new treatment is to harmonize, ensure an optimal flow and stimulate the body’s energy.

Thai Fusion massage brings together the techniques of 3 traditional treatment disciplines:

• Kneading of muscles.
• Manipulation of the skeleton.
• Digitopuncture, pressing on certain energy points.

It is performed with the patient dressed in pleasant clothing, preferably cotton, lying on a tatami on the floor.


PRICE: 70€


Body massage with pindas. What are pindas? Some sachets containing herbs, these are used to massage the whole body. The action of the herbs, the heat and the movement of the pindas will restore the balance you need.

Inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition, this massage will help us balance mind, body and soul by combining the therapeutic power of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. On a physical level, it will provide us with a moisturizing and detoxifying action for our skin.

The heat causes a vasodilation that will promote muscle relaxation. The action of herbal medicine and aromatherapy will reestablish the serenity you need to face the day to day. Reconnect with this special massage.


PRICE: 90€


Metamorphic massage

“Metamorphosis”means “Transformation” and this is produced when our energy flows freely. This technique connects us, at a conscious level, with the nine months we spent in the womb and takes us to find out our purpose of life. It is a ritual of transformation.

Metamorphic massage consists of a gentle foot, hand and head massage. Not only  a complete expression of who we are is reflected, but also our memories and our possibilities.

Once an energetic unblocking occurs, a new energy is released and new possibilities will come up.

It is an ideal practice for pregnant women and children. it is also excellent for people who are facing illness, old age, disabilities, or a transition period in their life.


PRICE: 50€


Detox treatment

Our body keeps accumulating toxins due to several factors: a bad diet, alcohol and tobacco consumption, pollution… If you wish to start an anti-cellulite or weight loss treatment, Manantial will optimize your body response.

Immerse yourself into a purifying experience: start with a Dead Sea salt peeling mixed with safflower, cypress, fennel, and cedar oils. This oil mixture with minerals and trace elements together with a draining massage will exercise a deep depuration of your skin and all your body, eliminating any damaging agents. It will also help to improve blood flow and lymph circulation.

Finally, a green tea wrapping, rich in antioxidant properties, will detoxify your organism and will protect the skin from the action free radicals. This wrapping is also beneficial in terms of cell regeneration.


PRICE: 85€


Holistic Therapy (5 senses)

Cosmos is a Holistic experience which gathers all five senses. The goal of this massage is to harmonize the different states in your body – mental, physical and emotional – through the senses.

With such ritual we intend to unblock those areas in our body that, either due to stress, bad postures or any other factor, stop us from living in tune with our body.

During the massage we will use ginger and almond oil blended with incense and sandalwood essential oils.

Imbued by the smells, feelings, and sounds, you will end up having a delicious tea which will tone both your body and mind. Because of that sense of inner peace you will feel, this will surely be one of your favourite treatments.


PRICE: 85€


Reaffirming and regenerating treatment

Ether starts with a volcanic lava peeling consisting of essential oils known for their regenerating and toning properties. These oils are especially chosen so that they have an excellent regenerating effect according to the needs of every skin. Next, we will conduct a Sweet orange wrapping with organic silicon which will soften your skin.

Silicon in its organic state exists in almost all parts of your body. That’s why it is used to restore wrinkles and sagging skin.

After a relaxing shower you will receive a full body massage that will soften the skin thanks to a vegetable and essential oil synergy which consists of sweet almond and hazelnut oil, incense, myrrh and lavender.

Thanks to the mineralizer and tensing action of those oils, your skin will recover its elasticity and will provide you a young and healthy outlook.


PRICE: 85€


Anti-cellulite and reductive treatment

Aguamarina is a ritual based in wood therapy, a massage therapy that reaffirms, tones, and eliminates fat and toxins from the body by using wooden tools, which makes it very effective against cellulite.

The experience starts with the application of a mixture of safflower, fennel, geranium and cinnamon oils through a gentle massage, to help you activate blood flow, which has different effects in your skin: draining, reducing, and firming it.

This massage has been especially created to combat the annoying “dimply skin”. For this, we will use a combination of oils that will help you eliminate cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin.


PRICE: 80€


Tension relieving treatment

When contractures appear, it can be taken as a sign of either physical or mental blockage. Alma begins with a geothermal therapy that combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones in different temperatures.

This ritual allows energy to flow all over your body and relieve both emotional and physical conditions. The ritual also includes aromatherapy, which helps the body regain its stability and get rid of inflammatory processes and contracture areas. It will conclude with a relaxing herbal infusion so you can eliminate all the tensions and stress that have been accumulated within.

Alma is thought as a way to calm muscle pain, stimulate your metabolism, dispose of toxins, relax, fight insomnia, and improve the state of your skin.




Deep hydration and mineralization skin treatment

This ritual has been created to contribute to the nourishment that our skin needs. Skin is our largest outer organ and it is constantly exposed to a huge amount of daily aggressions, and so we must pamper and take care of it to keep it healthy.

This experience starts with a sea salt peeling which will give your skin a great deal of minerals and trace elements that are relevant to its nutrition.

Afterwards, your skin will be wrapped with sea mud with antioxidant properties. Its pleasant aroma and soft texture will help you wind down and will give you the harmony your skin needs.

After a relaxing shower, you will be given a full body massage with custom essential oils chosen depending on your own skin needs, and it will help you activate the blood flow of your legs, relax your spine, your torso, and will contribute to a correct functioning of your muscles and internal organs.


PRICE: 90€