Marmatherapy ritual – Holistic balance

 Holistic balance

We will work from the waist up. We start working on the abdomen, mixing ylang-ylang and orange aaee. If there is a lot of blockage we will add sandalwood. (Put two drops of each)

In this path of vital experience, many times we lose the north of what we really want to do. Fears, traumas and different factors make us move away from our main goals in life. Marmaterapia helps us to rebalance our body and mental energy, calms the mind and emotion, it will help us to raise awareness where we need it. We are not only matter, we are not only living beings with certain organic functions, the whole set is impregnated with energy, which we do not see but feel, when we disconnect or are altered by the evolution of the vital experience, this energy together with the physical body is altered.

• Stress. • Anxiety. • Joint pain. • Insomnia.

The marma points will help us cleanse the body and mind, they will bring us calm and harmonize emotions that prevent us from being at peace with ourselves.


PRICE: €40