Nails Rituals

We use SpaRitual products in all our manicure and pedicure sessions. All their products come from vegan source, with organic certification, and harvested under the frames of fair trade, as we think that all the things we put on our skin are as important as the things we put inside it.

All our polishes are vegan and DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor free. SpaRitual products are packed and bottled responsibly.



Manicure / pedicure with VEGAN certified semi-permanent gel-type enamels, duration 2 or 3 weeks, fast drying of mostly vegetable origin and bio-certified: wood, cotton, corn, cassava and other vegetable paste free of toxic products. This range of enamels from Faby brings together all the quality and safety of the product combined with the expression of unique Italian style.

You will wear spectacular nails with a unique range of colors, they are combined with an anti-aging OXYGEN BASE COAT base coating with vegetable complexes and oxygen or the NATURE BASE with plant ingredients of biological origin with regenerating effect or the SMOOTHING BASE COAT type filling with complexes. vegetables, vitamins and mineral particles that correct nail irregularities.

MANICURE PRICE: 42,50€ – 50min

PEDICURE PRICE: 50€ – 50min


Emotion manicure/pedicure: this manicure is thought for both young hands and feet which want to keep a healthy youthful look.

Chinese jasmine moves our mind and stimulates our body and spirit. This ingredient has aphrodisiac, analgesic, antidepressant, relaxing, bactericide, and anti-inflammatory properties. Emotion will bring wellness and comfort to the most delicate skins.



Balance Manicure Sparitual

Balance manicure/pedicure: this manicure is aimed to regenerate the deepest layers of your skin, contributing to its trace elements and nutrient supply, so you can restore the beauty of your feet and hands. It is an anti-age treatment for you hand and feet.

This ritual is focused on Indian incense, its aroma balances the mind and makes the body and spirit feel younger. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and besides, it has relaxing effect beyond compare.

Connect with yourself through this ritual, indicated specially to mixed, dry, and unbalanced skin. Breathe deep and look within, look for the meaning of life. Indian incense will give you the balance and youth you need.

With this treatment your feet and hands will look bright and full of vitality.

MANICURE PRICE: 35€ – 50min

PEDICURE PRICE: 44€ – 60min